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لوگو صبح شیرین

About Sweet Morning

"Sobh Shirin Holding, as one of the oldest organizations in food production and packaging, has always identified the opportunities and risks surrounding the correct and planned measures for the survival and promotion of the brand of the organization and in this regard "Making the production and packaging of healthy, hygienic and sustainable quality food products based on the highest domestic and international standards is its mission."

Sweet Morning has set great visions and many missions from the very beginning of the journey. Meeting the needs of the community and gaining the trust of the community by employing efficient staff, advanced equipment and utilizing modern technologies along with conducting market research, is one of our most important tasks. But our main mission is to produce the highest quality food products as standard.

Fundamental values

  • Adherence to transparency and the rule of law
  • Belief in healthy competition
  • Customer and customer-centric respect
  • Adhere to professional principles
  • Emphasis on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Organizational cohesion with meritocracy
  • Create a dynamic, intimate, vibrant and exemplary environment

Macro goals

  • Increase profitability percentage
  • Become a learning organization
  • Increase the value of company assets
  • Sustainable development and environmental protection
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Development of domestic and international agencies
  • Improving infrastructure and increasing speed and quality

social responsibility

"We are with you" is a message to the community in which we live. Our vision in this slogan is not limited to the field of business and as a responsible legal citizen, we consider the protection of culture, environment and community health as an important part of our duties. Over the years, our social responsibility has taken the form of supporting vulnerable groups, supporting the environment, and supporting sports, culture, education, and the arts.

Our Brands

Introducing the CEO

About Us

وحید جواهری


CEO's speech:

Shirin Sobh Holding with a prestigious background in the country's food industry and utilizing up-to-date knowledge, specialized and committed manpower with the highest level of quality of various food products, including tea and beans, packages. While respecting the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and in line with its main goal of achieving the highest levels of satisfaction of the most important stakeholder of the organization (customers), along with compliance with laws and regulations, the standard model of ISO: 9001: 2015 and ISO 22000: 2018 and HACCP has chosen to design, deploy and implement a food safety management system and in order to achieve its main goal, has put the following principles at the forefront of its activities: 

  • Prioritize the maintenance and continuous improvement of quality and processes, environmental health and occupational safety and health at all levels of the company and supply chain
  • Communicate effectively on food health and safety issues with all food chain stakeholders
  • Efforts to obtain the satisfaction of stakeholders, including customers, staff and shareholders
  • Achieve more market share by identifying competitors
  • Increasing the variety and volume of products in order to meet the growing needs of customers
  • Upgrading the level of knowledge and skills of human resources, organizational and managerial capabilities required by the company

Introducing Sweet Morning Managers

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